That’s me

I am a Berlin-based investigative journalist born in the East German town of Jena. I am passionately researching on development, migration, digitalization, lobbyism and other politico-economic topics. For my work on minority reporting, I won the Otto von Habsburg Prize 2018, awarded by the European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages.

My stories appear in major German newspapers and magazines, i.e. Der Spiegel, Die ZEIT, WirtschaftsWoche or tageszeitung. English articles have appeared with Associated Reporters Abroad, for example in USA Today. I also moderate panels, write articles on media policy or do journalist coaching.

I studied Political Science and Journalism at the University of Leipzig and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Toulouse, France, supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Later I trained at the “N├╝rnberger Nachrichten” before moving back to the East: to Dresden, as correspondent of the dapd news agency. Between 2011 and 2016, I was author and digital copy editor of the monthly magazine for political culture Cicero in Berlin. In 2017 I was Editor at Large at Der Freitag in Berlin.

With the program “Media Ambassadors India – Germany” of the┬áRobert Bosch Foundation I travelled India and contributed to The Indian Express. In 2017, I researched on the fatal lung disease silicosis in the sand stone mining areas of Rajasthan, supported by a grant from the European Journalism Centre and the Bill and Melinda Gates (see: The Silent Killer).

I am a member of the German investigative journalism network “netzwerk recherche” and the Initiative News Enlightenment, which annually selects the top ten neglected topics in the media. I am involved in the German Journalists Association Berlin JVBB and am treasurer in the Indo-German Media Network (IGMN).